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Our Workshops | Crazy Candles - Candle Making Gold Coast

What We Do

We are a mobile service providing fun, creative and interactive Workshops. We have different products in our range and each participant makes a unique hand-made item to take home. We come to you, we bring everything, set up, make sure you have a good time and clean up afterwards. We leave behind nothing but good memories, smiling faces and proud artist…

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Our Workshops

Wax Art

We teach you the old-fashioned way of working with wax, completely safe and fully supervised by our dedicated team members. The process takes 15-20 minutes using different coloured molten wax. You end up with a one-of-a-kind creation you can keep and admire forever or give away as a present.

  • We require an area approx. 32m2 (size of a double garage) to set up our equipment
  • Additional space for participants to assemble
  • We need access to an outdoor or well-ventilated area

Carved Candles

Make your own candle by dipping a wick into molten coloured wax, several times mind you, then our team members will carve your candle into a subject of your choice.

Select from our samples….. what will it be?

Classic or crazy or even a race car, elephant or crocodile?

Balloon Wax Lights

We start with a water filled balloon, yes, water filled balloon…… which you dip into molten coloured wax. Once a certain size is reached, our team members will transform it into a beautiful bowl fitted with a LED candle inside shining through the different layers of colour. Another gift to give away or keep…..

Wax Hands

For the more daring? Not really, it is harmless and you are fully assisted by our experienced team members. We first chill your hand in ice water while you think of a pose you want your wax hand to resemble.

What will it be? Middle and index finger for a ‘victory’ or pinky and index finger for ‘rock n’roll’ or pinky, index and thumb for ‘I love you’ or a fist for ‘power’ or simply an index finger for…

Spin Art

Combining recycling with creative art… how much better can it get?

Our customised spinning-wheel table lets you go wild on colour and imagination…


  • We require an area approx. 20m2 (size of a single garage) to set up our equipment
  • Additional space for participants to assemble

Acrylic Pouring Painting


Wall Clocks

Have fun creating your own piece of art using old vinyl records… no two are alike! You decorate them with our special paints, add your own touch with little knick-knacks from our treasure box and we add a clockwork.

You end up with a colourful and fully functional time peace to make any wall you hang it on proud!

Design and make your own T-shirts