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FAQ’s | Crazy Candles - Candle Making Gold Coast

Frequently Asked Questions

What measures are you taking regarding Covid-19?
We constantly monitor official advice and follow restriction guidelines. More details are available in our RISK ASSESSMENT & COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS.
What are corporate clients?

Businesses, clubs, schools and organisations that use our service more often, can apply for a corporate account. It usually includes special conditions specifically tailored for them individually.

What is your work/service area?
We currently service the greater South-East Queensland area. Due to travel times & cost, our prices include 50-100km driving distance from Nerang (Gold Coast, Queensland), depending on event size.

More details are available in our PRICE GUIDELINES. Events outside our service area might attract a surcharge.We have held events as far away as Byron Bay, Lismore, Toowoomba and Sunshine Coast. We are happy to quote travel costs for events beyond our included range.

We are offering Franchises from 2021 to expand our service area throughout Australia.

Are your Workshops held indoors or outdoors?
Our new equipment is equally suited for indoors or outdoors however, a covered area is required in case of bad weather.

For Wax-Art Workshops we also need access to an outdoor or well-ventilated area to use a gas appliance before the event.

Do you have any event access requirements?
We need sealed, level access to drive our vehicle to the loading/parking area, please make sure there are no locked gates; we would appreciate if somebody could meet us and show the way if it is hard to find.
We need sealed, level access to the setting up area with NO STAIRS OR STEPS, our trolleys can’t be lifted over obstacles.

Our new equipment rolls off the van, therefore we only need an easily accessible parking bay or loading dock. If we use our original trailer equipment, we need more space to unload, park and turn around.

How much space is required to set up for your Workshops?

It depends on the type of Workshop and number of participants.

Requirements are listed with each activity in our OUR WORKSHOPS.

How long do you need to set up and clean up?
Depending on location and access we arrive up to one hour before scheduled start of event. We will confirm this with you during the booking process. Cleaning up usually takes about 15mins after last participant is finished.
Do you need access to electricity on-site?
Yes, our new equipment is electronically controlled. A standard 10A GPO power outlet within 20m of the set-up area will be enough. If not available, a generator can be provided at extra cost. We will confirm this with you during the booking process.
Do you need access to fresh water and water disposal on-site?
For our original equipment we need both. Our new equipment is self-contained and neither is needed. We will confirm this with you during the booking process.
Are there set event times or can we book anytime?
Our Workshops are available all week. Sunday and Public Holidays may attract a surcharge due to higher staffing costs. We will confirm this with you during the booking process.

During peak times, such as school holidays, we have morning and afternoon sessions for events under 60 participants. We like to be on-site to set up between 8-9am for morning session and 1-2pm for afternoon session.

For larger events and less busy times we arrange timing to suit your needs.

What is the duration of your Workshops?
It depends on number of participants and type of Workshop. As an average we can process 20-25 participants per hour. We will confirm this with you during the booking process.
What age groups are your Workshops suited for?
Candle making and Wall Clocks are suitable for children from pre-school age, no upper limit…. We have had an 80-year-old lady make a candle at a birthday party!

Balloon Wax Lights are a bit heavier due to the water filled balloon inside and participants need to be a bit stronger not to tire out when dipping. Primary school age and older would be more suitable.

Wax Hands are suitable for anybody that can understand the process and is not afraid of dipping a hand into molten wax, usually primary school age and older. Since the participant’s hand will be chilled before in ice water, and the dipping is very quick, there is no risk of scalding or injury. This is a fully assisted, one-on-one Workshop.

Do the participants need to be supervised?
For events at schools, vacation care and alike, where participants would be in a supervised environment anyway, we need a Responsible Person to be present to assist with decision making and smooth running of the event.

For mature participants or events with no fixed participant number (e.g. promotions, fundraisers, etc), we need to be able to contact a person that can be present at the venue at short notice if needed.

Is there is a risk of wax or paint spilling on clothing?
There is a slight possibility. It can happen if participants do not follow instructions, are unfocused or distracted. We strongly recommend that participants wear clothes where this incident would not be detrimental or bring along an apron or old, oversized shirt to wear over clothing.
When is payment due?
A part payment of $110 is needed to confirm your booking.

Balance payment is due on completion of the event unless otherwise arranged.

We offer corporate accounts with payment by invoice and terms to suit.

What form of payment do you accept?
We accept EFT, direct credit and cash. Bank details will be on the invoice. Credit card payments are accepted but incur a 2% merchant processing fee.
Interested in a Franchise?
We are offering Franchises starting in 2021.

We envisage to establish the rest of Queensland and Northern NSW first; gradually expanding into Sydney, Melbourne and rest of Australia.

To find out more or to lodge an ‘Expression of Interest’ please visit our website