About Crazy Candles

Crazy Candles was founded in 2001 by Konni and Helmut Pallmert as a mobile entertainment business that grew out of a passion to make children’s eyes shine. Over the years we have provided customers of all ages with the opportunity to build their own colourful candle and watch the delight in their eyes as it is sculpted into a special shape or character. Learn more about making candles.

The passion for the activity and drive to make the business succeed was recognized by the Gold Coast Business Council with a “Gold Coast Business Excellence Award” in 2006. It did not take long before the positive feedback and demand for our services became overwhelming and Crazy Candles was franchised in 2007.

Today you will find Crazy Candles in major tourist parks, shopping centers, community fetes & festivals, in schools and community after school care and at birthday parties and other celebrations. Crazy Candles is not only fun but educational too. Find out about Crazy Candles In School. Why not check some of our many references.

Crazy Candles is a rewarding business - both personally and financially. If you are flexible and enjoy interacting with people then owing a Crazy Candles Franchise could just be the lifestyle change you have been looking for. To find out more why not visit our Franchises page or call us for further information.

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